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2020 AZM Service Agreement - Tim Doring


January 1, 2020

Arizona Mirage LLC agrees to provide its weekly comprehensive Pool & Spa (if applicable) service in exchange for a month-to-month agreement with:  Tim Doring 

For the amount of: $ 90.00 

The property to be serviced is located at: 18643 West Beryl Ave Waddell AZ 85355  

The weekly comprehensive pool & spa service includes the following: a) Weekly services are to be performed on or within 24 hours of your scheduled service day of the week (subject to interfering events as set forth below and Holidays); b) weekly services are to include the following: full water chemistry analysis, application of the necessary water care products for proper water chemistry balance, skim top of pool, brush down pool walls and steps, remove any large debris from bottom of pool, empty all skimmer baskets, leaf vacuum & pump strainer baskets, vacuum swimming pool when needed, and a brief inspection of all pool equipment. C) Backwash sand & DE filters as needed and apply new DE as needed for filter. D) Client to receive a detailed service email with date & time of service provided along with a picture of the pool & spa (if applicable), chemistry analysis results, services performed and any issues discovered during service visit.

Additional charges will be applied for salt & extra water care products; extra water care products include but may not be limited to algaecides, phosphate removers, water clarifiers, sand filter additives and mineral product treatment in spring time. Extraordinary (animal or human or natural caused) cleanup, and any necessary equipment repairs at the standard hourly rate ($95 per hour). Arizona Mirage LLC requires that all backyard or pool areas be accessible. Gates are either unlocked or a key/combination lock has been provided. Pool fences are closed but unlocked and the specialized nets covering the pools are taken off. We cannot remove and reinstall these specialized safety nets for insurance purposes. All dogs must be caged away from the pool area or remain inside of the house during our visit. Although some dogs are very friendly, we cannot be responsible for any animals that escape from the property. No refunds or credits are given for locked gates or pets in the yard. A door hanger will be left on the front door and an email will be sent to notify client of reasons why services could not be completed. We will make every attempt to contact homeowner by phone before leaving the location.

The client can terminate their services at any time by written notice to Arizona Mirage LLC, with at least a 14-day notice. Termination of this service agreement does not relieve the Client from obligations incurred prior to receipt of notice by Arizona Mirage LLC.

The monthly cost of services is based on a 4-week month. There are multiple times in 2020 where there will be a 5th week in one month. Arizona Mirage LLC will not provide services during 3 of these weeks throughout the year. Arizona Mirage LLC will utilize one of the “5th” weeks to do in-house training and further education at a pool & spa show. Client will be notified in advance when this week will occur. Arizona Mirage LLC highly values this week because it allows us to increase our knowledge in pool care, water chemistry, new technologies and advanced water care products which will result in better pool care for the client. The other 5thweeks will be taken off during the weeks of Thanksgiving & Christmas. Arizona Mirage LLC will provide the other weeks of the “5th” week of service free of charge as a courtesy to the client. Additional service visits for parties or other reasons may be scheduled through our office and will be subject to an additional service visit rate.

Interfering Events – Occasionally, events will occur during the regularly scheduled service day that prevents regular service on the pool. These events may include: Electrical storms, rain storms, and monsoon conditions with high winds & dust storms, fire, man-made or other conditions (such as unfriendly animals) at, on or near the client’s pool area. During these periods, Arizona Mirage LLC will make every attempt to complete all services that can be completed safely and effectively during that event. If we cannot safely service your pool & spa due to such conditions, Arizona Mirage LLC reserves the right to cancel service for that week. Should there arise any interfering event after our service visit and the client requests an extra visit before the next scheduled date, extra service charges will be applied to the monthly invoice.

Holidays – Arizona Mirage LLC observes the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day plus the Friday after Thanksgiving Day, and the week between Christmas day and New Year’s Day. If your service day falls on one of the aforementioned holidays, we will adjust your chemicals the prior week to account for these holidays. No credit will be given for these missed days as mentioned above.

Update: Our office will be closed Memorial Day, May 25th, Labor Day, September 7th, November 26 and 27th for Thanksgiving, December 25th – January 1st in observance of Christmas and New Year’s Days. Chemicals will be adjusted the weeks prior to these holidays. No pool services will be conducted during these dates.

If you need your pool & spa serviced for a special event, please contact us at least one week in advance in order for arrangements to clean your pool & spa.

Billing – We bill at the beginning of each month for all services provided during the month. Payment in full is due within 15 days of the invoice date. Interest will be charged on the outstanding balance at the rate of 2% per month or a late fee of $20, whichever is greater. Any extra chemicals or services will be billed the following month. Repairs are due at completion of such repair. Payments are collected through automatic bill pay at the beginning of every month. Any additional purchases other than weekly services are subject to a 3% credit/debit card processing fee because that is what we are charged to process your card.

Please provide your correct billing address: 18643 West Beryl Ave 

It is your responsibility to notify Arizona Mirage LLC if your email, billing address, phone number, or credit card information changes. If your account is sent for collections, you will be responsible for all reasonable collection costs and legal expenses.

If your home has sold or you no longer reside at the property, it is your responsibility to notify Arizona Mirage LLC of such events.

Small repairs – Arizona Mirage LLC will discover from time to time that the equipment or pool needs a small repair such as new O-rings, new water fill valve, new section of cleaner hose, new strainer basket, new pump lid, etc. Whenever such repairs are needed the client authorizes Arizona Mirage LLC to perform any repairs costing less than $30 and agrees to pay for such repairs with the next invoice. Any repairs costing over the minimum will be suggested and quoted to the homeowner for approval before a charge is incurred. In the event of emergency and the client is not available for authorization, the client authorizes Arizona Mirage LLC to take the necessary steps to prevent damages to the system at an emergency repair rate of $125 per hour.

Disclaimer: Arizona Mirage LLC is not responsible for any of the following Pool conditions: supervision of the use of the pool or access to the pool by any person; condition of any fencing, entries, locks or latches, or any other component of the pool enclosure; condition of the surfaces of the pool, pool decks, slides, diving boards, water features, accessories, landscaping or other surfaces or features of the pool or pool areas; condition of any pool toys, furniture, misuse of or access to any pool equipment or utility facilities by children, animals or any unauthorized person. Customer agrees to indemnify Arizona Mirage LLC from any claim for injury or loss by any person related to the above listed Pool conditions and from any claim for injury by any person on the Customer’s premises for any reason other than the gross negligence of Arizona Mirage LLC.

Homeowners/Property Managers must notify tenants of the Terms set in this agreement.

Phone number: 7146339199 

Date: January 24, 2020

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Signed by Tim Doring
Signed On: January 24, 2020

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