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Swimming Pools and Building Codes

Swimming pools are among the most regulated forms of residential construction. There are rules for where they can be situated, how they can be constructed, how they can be operated, and how they must be maintained.

Anyone considering swimming pool installation, repair and maintenance should research state and local ordinances carefully, as failure to maintain full compliance with the law can be expensive.

The precise building codes governing any particular area can be hyper-specific, and any wise property owner will check them carefully when considering the installation of a residential swimming pool.  Building codes governing swimming pools can vary from city to city and even from block to block.

A local city council can change them at will, issue variances on a whim, and take draconian measures to enforce them if they should so choose. The local authority is always the ultimate authority when it comes to construction.

Strong Building Codes Make Sense

Although the laws and building codes may seem arbitrary, the reasoning behind them is sound. A swimming pool is a complex construction project all on its own. Simply housing that much water in close proximity to a home can have deleterious effects on the foundation and the structure in the case of a failure, so it is essential that the pool is built correctly and maintained properly.

The coverage of zoning laws does not end with the structural integrity of the pool. Keeping the pool clean is also of primary importance, and that means both a filtration system and seasonal maintenance. The water filtration systems, lighting systems, and heaters all use electricity. This will be governed by local building codes, and all the more so because it operates in close proximity to water.

Maintenance Is Also Important And Monitored

Finally, most American municipalities recognize that a pool has the potential to be a public health hazard. It can be described as an “attractive nuisance,” which means that children might choose to use it inappropriately and cause harm to themselves and others.

If the pool is not maintained, then it may fill with rainwater and start to breed mosquitos and other pests. For these and other reasons, it is best to research the local zoning codes thoroughly or to employ swimming pool installation, repair and maintenance contractors with substantial expertise in this area.

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