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Why Is My Pool Green?

Owning a pool comes with some major responsibilities. During the winter, you might not use your pool that much. Then, when you uncover it and take a look, you are shocked to find that the water is green.

In addition to this being a gross sight, you would like to know why this happened before you go to work cleaning it. There are a few important points that you should keep in mind when it comes to addressing a swimming pool that has turned green.

Common Reasons Why A Pool Turns Green

There are a few common reasons why a pool has turned green; whoever, the most common reason is that there isn’t enough chlorine in the pool. You need to have appropriate levels of chlorine to prevent algae from growing in your pool. Without chlorine, your pool will start to grow algae within 24 hours.

While it might take some time for the pool to turn a deep shade of green, you will notice the difference within 24 hours. Algae are a breeding ground for mosquitoes and insects, so this has to be addressed quickly.

Some of the other common reasons why your swimming pool might turn green include:

  • Pollen has been produced by nearby plants and keeps falling in the pool
  • There is copper in the pool that has been introduced by cheap cleaning chemicals that have caused the pool to turn green

If you use cheap cleaning chemicals and add algal shock, then you will oxidize the copper, causing it to turn green. Now, it is time to fix your green swimming pool.

Fixing A Green Swimming Pool

The most common cause of a green swimming pool is algae. Therefore, you need to add chlorine shock and algaecide to the pool to completely kill them. You will need both to get rid of an algal bloom quickly. After this, it will take a day for the pool to turn cloudy and then clear. If there is a heavy algal presence, then it might take a few days. In addition, make sure that your filters are clean because they will be removing algae, pollen, and anything else that might be present.

Take Care Of Your Pool

The easiest way to deal with a green pool is to prevent it from turning green in the first place. Check the chemical levels daily to keep algae at bay.

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