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Why Do My Pool Water Levels Keep Dropping?

Are you concerned because the water level in your pool keeps dropping? Even though you might like to spend time cooling off in the water, particularly if you have friends and family members at the house, you need to make sure there is enough water in the pool. It can look a bit odd if the water level in the pool keeps dropping, and there are several reasons why this might happen. In general, the reason for your pool’s water level dropping is either evaporation or leakage. How do you know what the culprit is? 

Why Does My Pool Leak?
When your pool is constructed, it is designed to be watertight. Therefore, it can be frustrating if you find that there is a leak in the pool. The biggest reason why your pool might be leaking is that your seals are deteriorating. This is particularly true if you have not kept up with pool maintenance. You need to check your seals from time to time to make sure water is not leaking from the pool.

There are other reasons why your pool might be leaking as well. For example, if your light fixtures are not working as intended, you might be losing water. If you do not address your leaks in a timely manner, the water can cause additional issues with your pool, leading to expensive repair bills. 

Why Is My Water Evaporating?
Another reason why your pool level might be dropping is that water is evaporating from it. All bodies of water experience evaporation, so it is not necessarily unusual if your water is evaporating. On the other hand, there are certain factors that can cause evaporation rates to go up. For example, if you live in a particularly windy area, water might evaporate faster than normal. Or, if the temperature has been unusually hot, water may evaporate more quickly.

Water may also evaporate from your pool if it is not enclosed or if there is no tree cover. Without any shade to protect your pool, it will be more exposed to the sun, causing it to evaporate more quickly. 

How Much Water Loss Is Normal?
It is not unusual for pools to lose up to a quarter of an inch of water during the day in the summer. If you want to reduce the rate of evaporation, you may want to install an enclosure over the pool. Or, you may want to provide it with a bit of shade. If you feel like you are losing more water than normal, you need to inspect your pool carefully to make sure there is no leak. 

Reach Out To A Professional For Help With Your Pool’s Water Levels
If you are worried that something is wrong with your pool, you need to reach out to a professional who can help you. The sooner you get your pool evaluated, the faster you can identify the issue, get it addressed, and protect your water level. 

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