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You Can Stay Fit With A Swimming Pool At Home

Spring has sprung, everyone is getting outside into the warm air, and people are thinking about either becoming fit or staying fit. It’s time to think about a swimming pool. Swimming is non-impact, heart-rate raising, calorie-burning, and just plain fun. How can we stay fit in a swimming pool?

Swimming Pool Exercise

No Need To Go To The Gym

Sweating is no fun, especially when we do it indoors. Gym equipment gives us good resistance and helps to burn calories, but it’s something we force ourselves to do for the good of our health. Why not have some fun while staying fit?

Have a swimming pool installed in your back yard. You’ll still get the resistance and burn calories, but it’s more fun than the gym. You’ll also get a healthy dose of Vitamin D from time in the sun.

Hate Swimming Laps? Do Exercises Instead!

Swimming pools are good for more than just doing laps. Here are a few healthy moves you can do to stay fit without the laps:


For those with joint troubles or those who just want the resistance, water walking is a gentle way to keep the muscles vital. Walk in the shallow end or in the deep end with resistance pieces. It’s a relaxing way to stay fit.

Leg Raises

Stand at the shallow end of the pool, hands on the pool edge. Stand with knees slightly bent and hip width apart. Slowly raise the left leg behind you and hold for a count of ten. Do ten raises on both legs, holding for a count of ten. This strengthens the legs, hip, buttock, and lower back muscles.


Stand at the shallow end of the pool, back to the side of the pool, and shoulders beneath the water. Hold arms out to the sides. Slowly bring arms together as if flapping butterfly wings. Do this ten times for a count of ten. This strengthens the upper back, arms, and shoulders.

Jumping Jacks

Doing ten jacks in a pool offers more resistance, but it doesn’t tire you out like jacks on land will. It’s easy on the joints, too.

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