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How Do I Know If My Pool Liner Has Been Torn?

A lot of homeowners with a pool have a vinyl pool liner. It is important to take care of this line or carefully. In addition to removing mold and mildew, thinking about water PH, and focusing on water alkalinity, it is also critical to pay close attention to the swimming pool liner. What if there is a tear present? How do tears usually appear? 

Pool Liners Typically Last For Approximately Ten Years

If homeowners take appropriate care of a swimming pool liner, they should expect it to last about ten years. Around this time, it is smart to take a closer look at the pool liner and inspect it for tears. If there are tears present, it is time to replace the pool liner. A pool liner that has been properly cared for may last a year or two longer than that. On the other hand, a pool liner that has not been cared for appropriately may not last as long. 

Look For Changes In The Water Level Of The Pool

In addition, homeowners should check for changes in the water level up the pool. If homeowners look at their utility bill, and they notice their water usage is going up, it could be that their pool is leaking. Sometimes, the pool is leaking because there was a tear in the liner. In addition to checking for leaks in the following system, check for leaks in the pool liner as well.

Routine Maintenance Often Uncovers A Leak In The Pool Liner

Finally, a lot of homeowners also hire professionals to help them with the maintenance of their swimming pool. Sometimes, maintenance professionals will detect leaks in the pool liner. Then, they may also provide information regarding repairing the current liner or replacing it with a brand new one. 

To Repair Or Replace The Pool Liner?

Ultimately, the question of whether to repair the existing liner or replace it with a new one is going to depend on the size of the tear and the age of the liner. Even though it will be more expensive to replace the pool liner than to repair the existing one, it may be a better investment to replace a pool liner that is older.


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