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Pool Installation: Do They Increase Home Value?

Purchasing a home is a significant decision. Not only is this a place to live but it also represents a major financial investment. Therefore, everyone wants to get as much value for their house as possible. Does a pool help with this? Will installing a pool increase the value of a home? There are several factors to consider. 

Why Does A Pool Increase The Value Of A Home?
First, let’s take a look at why a swimming pool may increase the value of a home. It represents a significant additional amenity, similar to a home theater. Some people even look at a swimming pool as an extra bonus room, as it is another location where family members and friends can gather together and spend time with one another. Of course, a swimming pool is also aesthetically pleasing. Even if it is too cold to swim during the winter, it still looks nice out the window. Therefore, it is easy to see why a pool may increase the value of a home.

Why Might A Pool Lower The Value Of A Home?
On the other hand, it is also possible that a swimming pool may lower the value of a home. The reality is that a home is only worth as much money as people are willing to pay for it. Some people are not willing to purchase a home with a swimming pool because they have to pay to take care of it. Therefore, if there is less demand for a home with a swimming pool, this could reduce its value. This is another factor that homeowners need to consider before they install a swimming pool. 

Understanding The Impact Of A Swimming Pool On The Value Of A Home
Therefore, a swimming pool may increase or decrease the value of a home depending on the situation. Swimming pools tend to increase the value of a home more in warmer climates where people can use it throughout the entirety of the year. Swimming pools also increase the value of homes in affluent neighborhoods more because they cater to this swath of homeowners. It is helpful to reach out to a trained professional to learn more about the impact of a swimming pool on a specific home’s value.


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