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Do I Need To Have A Permit For A Water Slide And Diving Board For My Pool?

There are some homeowners who are thinking about installing a pool and other homeowners who might be thinking about upgrading their swimming pools with slides and diving boards. These are great attractions that homeowners can add to truly make it a party; however, it is important to make sure that diving boards and slides are added safely. With this in mind, do pool owners need to get a permit before they install a water slide or diving board for their pools? There are a few key points to keep in mind.

A Government Permit Is Usually Not Necessary
First, homeowners might have to reach out to the government if they would like to install a pool at their homes. This needs to be permitted, just like any other home improvement or addition. At the same time, a permit is usually not required to install a water slide or diving board. These regulations can vary from state to state and county to county, so homeowners need to speak to an experienced pool contractor to make sure a permit is not required to add a water slide or diving board.

Check Restrictive Covenants From An HOA
There are some homeowners who might need to clear these additions with the local HOA. Every homeowner’s association is different, so homeowners need to reach out to their HOA to have the rules clarified. Some HOAs require additional approval in order to install a water slide or a diving board.

Understand The Rules And Regulations With Water Slides And Diving Boards
It is still important for homeowners to think about safety concerns when they install water slides and diving boards. First, homeowners need to make sure there is plenty of clearance around the slide or board on the deck. At least five feet of clearance on every side is a great rule of thumb. In addition, homeowners need to make sure the pool is deep enough to prevent someone from hitting the bottom after using a water slide or diving board. Usually, six feet or more of pool depth is required.

Homeowners should speak to a professional before they install a diving board or water slide at their pool.

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