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How To Get Rid Of Pool Algae

There are many people who are excited to jump in the pool. Unfortunately, it can be a significant deterrent if there are green spots around and in the pool. If the pool is turning green, there is a high chance algae is present. Sometimes, it grows in the pool itself. Other times, it grows around the pool deck. What are the best ways to get rid of algae and clean up the pool?

Pressure Wash The Exterior
Homeowners should pressure wash the exterior. It can be a challenge to get algae off the deck, but a comprehensive pressure washing should be enough. Be very careful when walking around the pool deck when algae is present. Algae is incredibly slippery, and people can slip and fall easily. This could lead to a broken bone if people are not careful. 

Shock The Pool
Next, homeowners need to shock the pool. What this means is that homeowners need to add chemicals to the pool that will immediately kill the algae. There is even algaecide that homeowners can use, which has been specifically designed to kill the algae. Homeowners should not use the pool when shocking it, as the chemicals can be dangerous for people to swim in. 

Change The Filters
Finally, homeowners should also swap out the pool filter. All of the dead algae have to go somewhere, and they are probably going to get trapped in the filters. If the filters are not changed, they will not be able to clean the water sufficiently. Homeowners should check all the filters around the pool to make sure they are working properly. They need to be swapped out before people jump in the pool again. Then, remember to normalize the pH and hardness of the water before using the pool. This is a significant safety issue. 

Get Rid Of Algae

Algae can be gross, and if the problem is not handled quickly, it could get out of hand. Homeowners should inspect the pool regularly, making sure there are no conditions under which algae can grow. If algae are present, shocking the pool and pressure washing the deck is a great idea. Homeowners with concerns should reach out to a professional for help. 


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