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Why Is My Pool Deck Slippery?

As a child, you were probably told to stop running on the pool deck. If you have a pool, it is important to put safety first, and you do not want people to slip and fall. This is particularly true when pool decks can become slippery so easily. Why is your pool deck so slippery? Take a look at a few common reasons below.

You Have Stone Or Tile On The Deck
Many people like to use concrete to make up most of the deck. Concrete is gritty, so it is less likely to become slippery. At the same time, many people like to use stone or tile to accent the pool deck. These are smooth surfaces, so they become slippery easily. The material you use to make your pool deck can have a significant impact on how slippery it might become. 

The Deck Does Not Have Proper Drainage
Another reason why your pool deck might be slippery is that it does not have proper drainage. Water gets splashed from the pool onto the pool deck, your sprinklers might turn on nearby, and rain falls from the sky. All of this water can accumulate on the surface of your pool deck. If it does not drain properly, your pool deck can become slippery very quickly. 

There Is Algae On The Surface
Finally, if you have algae on your pool deck, it can become slippery. It is important for you to get rid of algae as quickly as possible. This includes not only the algae in the pool but also the algae on the pool deck. Because algae is so slippery, even someone who is walking slowly can slip and fall easily, leading to a major injury.

Make Your Pool Deck Slip-Resistant
If you want to reduce the chances of someone slipping and falling on your pool deck, you should work with a professional who knows how to make it slip-resistant. For example, you might want to place deck mats on the pool deck to add a bit of texture. You should work with a professional team who can help you make your deck slip-resistant. This can go a long way toward reducing the chances of someone slipping and falling. 

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