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The Most Common Sources Of Pool Liner Damage: What To Know

Do you have a liner in your pool? This is an affordable way to install a pool in your backyard, but a liner is also not nearly as strong as fiberglass or concrete. There is a chance that your pool liner might get damaged, and what are some of the most common causes?

Sharp Objects
Of course, sharp objects can cause rapid damage to your pool liner. You need to try to get rid of sharp objects from your swimming pool. For example, sharp branches and rocks can cause damage to your pool liner. Even decorative stones that you have on your pool deck could eventually rip through your liner.

Pets And Their Claws
You probably love your pets, and you view them as members of the family. Unfortunately, dogs and cats have very sharp claws, and they can rip right through your pool liner. When your animals try to get out of the pool, they are going to look for just about anything they can grab onto, and that could include your pool liner. You need to train your dogs and cats on how to properly exit the pool without damaging the liner.

Outdoor Equipment
Finally, if you do a lot of yard work, your yard equipment could eventually damage your liner. For example, you might think that the tool you see laying in your backyard can help you remove debris and branches from the pool, but if it is not designed for that purpose, you need to go with a different option. If you are careless when you remove debris from the side of the pool, you run the risk of tearing your pool liner.

Make Sure You Protect Your Pool Liner Accordingly
There are plenty of reasons why your pool liner might get damaged, and that is why you need to protect it accordingly. If you have questions about the right tools to help you take care of your pool, you should reach out to our professional team to point you in the right direction. 

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