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What Are The Top Pool Games This Summer?

Have Fun With Pool Games This Summer!  If you own a pool, you probably like to throw pool parties on a regular basis where everyone in the neighborhood can come over, relax, chill out, and socialize. At the same time, you want to make sure that your parties are fun. In order to get the most out of your social gatherings, you need to invest in some proper pool games. This summer, there are a few pool games that are rising above the rest. While free food is critical, you should also invest in some fun pool games!

Water Volleyball

This is a classic pool game that is just as popular today as it has been for years. The setup is easy for water volleyball. You just need a net and a volleyball! Then, make teams and watch everyone go to work! Some people who are strong swimmers might even be able to spike the ball! Try to switch sides every once in a while because if one team has to tread water while the other can stand, this is an unfair advantage!

Water Cornhole

This is one of the games that is quickly rising in popularity. In cornhole, there is a board with a hole in the middle. Then, teams try to toss beanbags and score one point for a beanbag that lands on the board and three points for a beanbag that goes in the hole. Trying to hit a moving (floating) target that is sitting on the pool adds a new layer of fun and competition to this classic game!

Coins On The Bottom

Finally, another fun game has plenty of variations to it. The classic version of this game is played by dropping change to the bottom of the pool and seeing who can race and retrieve the most from the pool. As the sun starts to set, a fun variation of this game is to switch to light-up objects that can add a new twist to the game. While the light-up objects might be easier to spot than coins, they also look great, lighting up the pool at night.

Have Fun With Pool Games This Summer!

These are a few of the top pool games that you can play this summer. The next step is to plan a party, get the necessary equipment, have some food, and invite the entire game over for a party!

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