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How Does A Pool Impact the Value of A Home?

With the temperatures starting to warm up outside, homeowners are starting to pull the cover off of the pool. Visions of pool parties and summer fun are starting to cross the mind. As people notice the blue allure of outdoor pools next door, they might be thinking about installing a pool themselves.

One of the biggest concerns homeowners often have when it comes to outdoor pools is how this is going to impact the value of a home. The answer is that it depends.

Consider The Added Costs

A pool is viewed as a luxury. It should add value to a home; however, this isn’t always the case. The reason why is that if someone has to buy the pool, they have to take care of it. Some pools are harder to care for than others. Some of the maintenance costs that a homeowner has to consider include chlorine (to kill bacteria), muriatic acid (to control pH), pool skimmers (to keep the pool clean), the pool cover (to protect the pool during the winter). 

In addition, having a pool might increase the price of homeowners’ insurance. This is because there is an added risk of someone getting injured on the pool deck or drowning in the pool itself. For these reasons, pools can become expensive.

The Benefits Of Having A Pool

On the other hand, the benefits of having a pool are obvious. First, having a gorgeous, concrete swimming pool is going to add aesthetic value. The crystal blue water will instantly increase the style of any home. Next, pools are a great way to get some exercise. Swimming laps in a pool is a weightless exercise which protects the joints. Finally, a swimming pool is also a great place to host parties. Those who are outgoing will instantly fall in love with a pool.

The Verdict

In the end, anyone who wants a firm answer on whether or not a pool is going to add value to a home should talk to an appraiser. He or she can take a look at comparable homes and figure out the added value of having a pool. In general, older pools are going to require more maintenance. They might bring down the value of a home. In contrast, a brand new swimming pool will usually increase the value of a home because it requires less maintenance.

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