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What Is the Right Water Temperature for Your Pool?

Do you own a pool? If so, you know that there is a lot you need to do if you want to take care of it. One of the major facets that you need to consider is the right temperature for your pool. If you have a heater, then you have a tremendous amount of control regarding the temperature of your pool. What is the right temperature for your pool? There are a few factors to keep in mind.

Do You Want To Swim Laps In The Pool?

If you want to swim laps in the pool, then you need to keep the pool a bit cooler than you otherwise might. In general, the temperature of the lap pool needs to be between 82 and 84 degrees F. If the pool is too cold, then you could end up getting hypothermia, which is not safe. If the temperature is too hot, then you might overheat quickly. You could start to get itchy, and you will dehydrate much quicker. You should feel a bit of a “bite” to the pool when you first get in, but if it is at the right temperature, your body will adjust quickly.

Do You Want To Relax In The Pool?

If you want to relax in the pool, then you definitely need to warm up the water a bit more. A family fun pool temperature should be between 86 and 88 degrees F. If you get in a family fun pool that is at the same temperature as a lap pool, you are never going to get used to it because you won’t be moving fast enough to heat up. In the summer, you don’t want your family’s fun pool to feel like a bath. Otherwise, you will have a hard time cooling off.

Get Your Pool At The Right Temperature

If you want to keep your pool at the right temperature, you need to get your heater tuned up at least once per year. Otherwise, it will not work efficiently, which means that it could lead to higher utility expenses. If you are interested in installing a heater for your pool, you should reach out to a professional team that can help you.

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